Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Response: Content curation

I found the article well organized and reflective.  However, at the end of it, I still was not sure what content curation actually was.  This is the first time I've heard of this term.  I knew that curators at museums interpreted a museum's collections and would be involved in putting displays together for the public.  In that vein I guessed that content curation in education involved teachers interpreting content for students.  I looked some examples online of content curation on Pinterest and others and it seemed more like content sharing. I think I have an idea of what content curation for a History 12 course might look like, but I'm not too sure what it would look like for a FSL classroom.  My last thought was that if content curation is interpreting information and displaying it for students, it sounds exactly like when teachers deliver content in their classrooms using Powerpoint, notes, the textbook, and other lesson delivery devices.  In other words, for all of teachable subjects, a 75 min. lesson block is made up mostly of this content sharing.  I'm wondering if this will replace that.

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