Thursday, 9 August 2012

Final Project Entry

Language: French
Grade: 11
Unit: Love and relationships

Artifact 1: Mixpod

I've included songs about love in this Mixpod that can be found in the right sidebar.  I could use this tool to preview listening exercises for love songs.  For example before a listening exercise, I could tell students to listen to the songs beforehand at home.  During my practicum I did ask students to find a french song and post it on my blog.  I could have used Mixpod to make a playlist for them.  This would also be a great playlist for quiet classroom work.  I could see Mixpod as a great tool to introduce students to the French music scene and to French culture.

Artifact 2: Wallwisher

I signed up for Wallwisher and created a wall that contains brainstorming and responses to the question: "What is love?" I think the URL capabilities in Wallwisher are very useful and students can enhance their thoughts with links and material from the internet.  Of course, it is very likely that students will fool around on the wall as I have simulated.  Clear instructions and criteria should make Wallwisher and other similar tools easier on classroom management.  Wallwisher would also be useful for debates.  If the teacher led a debate on the topic of relationships, students could add stickies with their opinion.  The teacher could group their opinions with other similar opinions and or put them in a scale.  This would make debates meaningful and students can always refer back to their argument which is on the screen.

Artifact 3: Quizlet

I made a sample Quizlet with a few vocabulary words related to the theme of relationships.  I could do quick quizzes in class with Quizlet and the students could study them at home.  I've also noticed that when students look up a word in the dictionary, they don't write it down for future reference so they forget the words they looked up.  A quick way for each student to build their own "dictionary" is to have them enter words into Quizlet as they find them or learn them.  Hopefully, they will reduce the time they spend looking up a word over and over again.

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