Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Response: BYOB

I am in complete agreement with this article.  The concern that would be predominant for most teachers would most likely be the texting that could occur.  An approach that seemed to work for others was to have the students place their cellphones on the desk so the teacher could see them.  For them, it was better to have the cellphones as an open part of the classroom rather than something the students would hide under the desk.  I really like the idea of using the devices that students would bring to class to help them learn and to save teachers time.  In thinking about this further, I've realised that if a teacher or a professor was engaging and used teaching practices that worked, even if I tried to distract myself with technology, I would feel like I was missing out.  I was almost distracted from distracting myself because the teaching was so exciting.  If we combine excitement, a meaningful integration of technology, and reflective teaching, we can become triple threat teachers.

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