Thursday, 2 August 2012

Embed - Aug. 1: Audacity

I've embedded a sample "radio show" podcast created using Audacity.  It has 20 seconds of my voice and part of a French rap song in it.  I think podcasts are a useful tool and can motivate students.  However, after I recorded a podcast myself, I started to wonder if it exacerbates or makes obvious differences in student oral proficiency levels.  I think that in subject where most students are using English, it might be easier.  In FSL, students might have pronounciation issues.  On the other hand, podcasts could motivate them to improve their pronounciation.  Scaffolding with Audioboo may be a good idea to ease students into podcasting.  I can use podcasting in many ways in the classroom.  I can create a radio show as I did in this podcast.  To lighten workload, I could also collaborate with the other teachers in the school and have teachers of different subject areas each week talking about an idea that students had difficulty with or tough questions students asked them.  (e.g. How to pronounce "r" in French, Why do we need to learn math anyway?, What would have happened if Severus Snape went back in time and assassinated Hitler?)

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