Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Embed - Aug. 8 - Prezi

I've embedded a revamped version of Prezi lesson I did for my practicum.  The original version didn't have a path put in it so I could navigate it more like an overhead.  This version has more zooms in it.  Making this prezi did get me thinking about how to reduce zooming.  It seems like Prezi overzooming   happens less from intentionally zooming, and more from just plunking down elements and putting in a path without being aware of how the Prezi will move from one element to another.  In this Prezi, I aimed for visual motifs that would enhance understanding of the grammar concept, which was the comparative and superlative.  I think Prezi is a valuable tool that I still would like to use in my teaching.  However, I will strive to use it more meaningfully and to put more design effort into the presentations so they have a more positive impact.

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