Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Response: Video in the classroom

After reading the article by Canning-Wilson, it seemed like most of it was pointing out that there was no scientific study-proven evidence that video helps with language learning.  Later on in the article, the author does list benefits that videos can bring to L2 classrooms.  There seems to be contradiction in the article content in that respect.  This does bring up the idea of how much our teaching practices, especially that of technology integration, should be based on research.  Though it difficult to actually implement action research projects in classrooms, much of teacher practice and experimentation can be considered scientific and based on hypotheses and tests, even if most of it is anecdotal.

In another vein, I do think about the visual "crutch" quite a bit.  It is difficult to find age-appropriate content for students, especially for the highschool FSL classroom.  Videos seem to be a go-to source.  One way to circumvent this potential problem is to brief the students on the content, show only the audio component, and then show the visual component to check to see how drastically the comprehension differs in each stage.  That will be a method that I will try in September.

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