Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Response: Culture in the L2 classroom

I liked the article in the sense that it raised a lot of questions and avoided presenting a narrower view of culture in the classroom.  One of the most important questions it raised that is closely related to FSL culture in the classroom is authenticity.  My highschool French teacher was amazing and I model much of my teaching after her style and techniques.  However, I still had a strong impression leaving highschool that "francité" was a man with a moustache, a baguette, a beret, and a striped shirt.  It is absolutely true that FSL teachers can do more for French cultural understanding.  Technology could definitely help in that regard, by giving students access to real live francophones or a wider variety of representations of francité.  Connecting with today's class on videos, this medium could definitely help students see francophones participating in culture through daily life and candid conversations.

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