Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Embed - July 24: Audioboo

This is an excerpt from a song by Québécois artist Coeur de Pirate.  The students could listen to the song first and then listen to the spoken version I've recorded in order to scaffold their listening.  

I like this tool very much!  During my practicum, I found that a lot of the recordings used in the listening exercises were too difficult for my students to follow.  The language was too high-level and it was annoying for the students to have every other word rewinded.  I modified it by reading the scripts myself and modifying on the spot.  This was not very efficient, since with a recording a teaching could do administrative tasks while the class did the exercise.  Tools like Audioboo could enable me to record a modified version of the script where I could insert fun sound effects and music.  The students would be more engaged and I could finish other tasks at the same time.  Also, students could record their own dialogue and self-evaluate their own French.  It might take some getting used to, but it would be a powerful tool.  Parents could also hear recorded versions of their children's oral French improving as the school year progresses. 

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